Can We Use A Skateboard Helmet For Snowboarding?

There are a lot of things that both skateboarding and snowboarding have in common. Both involve riding on boards, and both can be done in the park or on a hill.

But there are also significant differences between these two sports. Often, you want to know Can We Use a Skateboard Helmet for Snowboarding. The answer is yes, and we’ll talk about why in this blog post.

Both downhill skiing and snowboarding have become increasingly popular in recent years. An estimated 9.9 million Americans take to the slopes each year, and anybody who has ever tried skiing or snowboarding knows that falls are a normal part of the learning process for beginners and an unavoidable element of the experience for experts.

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In reducing head casualties on the hillside, your goals should be to

  1. Avoid these kinds of accidents in the first place, and
  2. Wear a helmet to lower your risk of head injury.

The best way to avoid head injuries is to ski in a safe way. Wearing a helmet is the second layer of defense. Today, more than 60% of skiers and snowboarders wear helmets, and between 80% and 90% of children do the same. 18–24-year-olds, who only wear helmets 48% of the time, are still the most underrepresented age group.

Natasha Richardson was skiing in Canada in 2009 when she fell on an easy trail. Her head was hurt. She did not have a helmet on. She felt fine at first, but when she got back to her hotel room, she had a headache. By the time she finally went to see a doctor, she had fallen into a coma and died. Neurosurgeons have thought that if she had been wearing a helmet, she might still be alive today.

Anyway, let’s come to today’s most asked question;

Can We Use a Skateboard Helmet for Snowboarding?

Yes, a snowboard helmet can be worn when skateboarding. Snowboard helmets are designed to protect the head in multiple ways and can offer protection for the top and back of the head. Additionally, they are robust and comfy, making them ideal for skating.

Although snowboard helmets are beneficial for skateboarding, they are pricey and cannot be used in warm weather.

Consider purchasing the Full Face Protection Premium Helmet, however, if you enjoy both snowboarding and skating and are searching for a helmet that can be used for both.

Can You Use a Snowboard Helmet for Skateboarding?

Sure, you can use a skateboard helmet for snowboarding. But keep in mind that they aren’t as strong as snowboard helmets, and if you fall while snowboarding on an uneven surface, you could hurt yourself.

If you really want to use the same helmet for both sports, you might want to buy a sturdy one, like the TK02 Full Face Protection Premium Helmet. It is made to protect the top and back of the head from any kind of fall, accident, or hit.

Helmets for snowboarding and skateboarding are designed to prevent injuries in the event of accidents or falls. The snowboard helmet protects the head from falls to the ground, whereas the skateboard helmet protects the head from falls from above or below.

Both helmets are made of comparable materials and assembled in a comparable manner. The primary distinction between the two helmets is that snowboard helmets are designed for snow sports, whereas skateboard helmets can be used for any sport involving falls on different surfaces.

Due to this, it is difficult to say which is superior. However, we can say that snowboard helmets can withstand large impacts while skateboard helmets are designed to withstand repeated small impacts. Consequently, skateboard helmets are safer and more durable for beginners, whereas snowboard helmets are safer and more durable for everyone.

Some important following features should be checked when purchasing or looking for a new helmet.

Pay close attention to whether or not the helmet meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or Snell standards. Generally speaking, ASTM standards are satisfied by ski and snowboard helmets, while skateboard helmets meet CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards. But you should inspect your own helmet; helmets that meet regulations typically have a placard indicating such.

Responsive to Impact: 

While snowboarding helmets can withstand many impacts, skateboard helmets can only withstand a single large impact. This is due to the fact that, unlike snowboarding helmets, skateboarding helmets are subjected to more than rigorous safety testing.

Skateboarders should get new helmets after every significant contact, while snowboarders can probably take a few more hits before they need to be replaced.

Safety Glasses:

Due to the nature of the winter season and the weather conditions in which snowboarding normally takes place, goggles are an absolute necessity. Goggles don’t have to worry about flying off your face when snowboarding thanks to the goggle attachments on snowboard helmets.

Unlike snowboard helmets, which typically come with an integrated goggle strap, skateboard helmets don’t always come with a designated spot for goggles. Skaters aren’t as likely to use protective eyewear as snowboarders, thus If you need to use any, you can buy an additional one or semi-face goggles equipped bike helmet.


Skateboard helmets aren’t designed to withstand as much force as ski helmets, therefore they don’t provide as much coverage. However, they offer greater protection for the base of the skull than skiing helmets.


Skateboard helmets do not provide the same level of heat retention and heat insulation as snowboard helmets. Skateboarders usually do their stunts in the summer when they don’t need the added warmth, so this makes sense.

In contrast, snowboard helmets are made to insulate your noggin at fast speeds on the slopes. If you’re not wearing a helmet, a ride in the cool weather could be dangerous.

Bern has developed specialized helmets that are safe for both skateboarding and snowboarding thanks to rigorous testing. A Bern helmet is the best option if you want a versatile lid for all kinds of activities.

Although Bern helmets are not the cheapest option, they are less expensive than buying a separate helmet for each sport. When it comes down to it, only the wearer knows what kind of helmet will provide the most protection. Find out which helmets are suitable for your needs by contacting the manufacturer of your safety gear.


What is the difference between a snowboard helmet vs skateboard helmet?

Here’s a brief overview of the key differences between a skateboard and snowboard helmets to help you understand the difference between a skateboard and a snowboard helmet.

The protective capabilities of a skateboard helmet are limited to a single impact. A new helmet is required after that time. Snowboard helmets are designed to withstand several impacts, though you should replace them after a particularly hard fall (if you take a big hit, then you will need to replace it). Because they provide more protection, snowboard helmets are warmer than skateboard helmets.

Can you ski with a skateboarding helmet on your head?

Yes, you can, but they are made specifically for each sport. Although I have worn helmets while mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, and riding a motorcycle, I have never done one while skateboarding. My head would freeze if I wore my mountain bike helmet while skiing; the motorcycle helmet is too bulky for downhill riding; and the climbing helmet is only effective for strikes to the crown of the head (and again I would freeze skiing with it).

Snow helmets, if you can bear the chill, can sustain an impact of 14 mph; however, there are newer helmets with MIPs technology that can lessen the impact to your brain. “MIPS” refers to the Multi-directional Impact Protection System, a cutting-edge slip-plane technology installed inside the helmet that helps mitigate the effects of rotational forces caused by specific hits.

One must consider their own personal risk tolerance. Due to my extensive experience with head injuries, I always make sure to wear a helmet whenever the sport calls for one.

Do I need a snowboarding helmet?

Yes, it is necessary for safety and prevents any head injury. Dr. Mark Proctor, head neurosurgeon, and director of the Brain Injury Center recommends that all skiers and snowboarders wear helmets. Dr. Proctor said, “We don’t talk about winter sports safety enough.” When I see patients who ski or snowboard, I always stress the importance of safety gear: “Have fun, but please wear a helmet.

When used correctly, ski and snowboard helmets can lower the risk of brain injury by 60 percent. They accomplish this by soaking up the force of a collision or fall.

Why do snowboarders not wear helmets?

Because helmets can lower the risk of brain injury by 60 to 70 percent. They accomplish this by soaking up the force of a collision or fall.


No matter what sport you’re into, it’s crucial that you wear a helmet at all times. Wear a helmet that fits you snugly and is made for the sport you’re participating in.

Having a helmet that fits properly and is built for your sport is also crucial; an ill-fitting helmet can actually cause more harm than good.

You may find helmets in a wide range of sizes and forms, so pick one that fits you well. If you were wondering what sets snowboard helmets apart from skateboard helmets, we hope this post helped answered you of this query; Can We Use a Skateboard Helmet for Snowboarding?

You can use a skateboard helmet for snowboarding by covering saving your head from cold climate and any potential risk of injuries. But wearing a specified helmet is better because they are designed for that sport to provide maximum protection in all aspects. But if you don’t have a specific helmet, you can wear a skateboard helmet for skiing too. It is better to wear a helmet for skiing or boarding than skiing without any helmet.