Can You Put Cruiser Wheels on a Normal Skateboard?

Thinking about putting bigger wheels on your regular skateboard? Find out if you can switch the normal ones for cruiser wheels. See how it might make your rides smoother and better for cruising. Learn about whether they’ll work together and what good things or problems might come up. Imagine how your skateboarding could get cooler with a simple change. Let’s check out how to tweak your skateboard!

Can You Put Cruiser Wheels on a Normal Skateboard?

Yes, you can put cruiser wheels on a normal skateboard. It’s a simple modification that can enhance your skateboarding experience. Consider compatibility to ensure they fit your board. Cruiser wheels offer smoother rides for cruising. Explore this switch to upgrade your regular skateboard and enjoy a new level of skateboarding fun!

Understanding Cruiser Wheels

Cruiser wheels differ from regular skateboard wheels in size and hardness. They are larger, ranging from 54mm to 65mm in diameter, and softer, typically measuring between 78A to 90A on the durometer scale. The larger size and lower durometer rating make them well-suited for cruising and commuting as they absorb more shocks and provide a smoother ride on rough surfaces.

Compatibility Considerations

Before making the switch, it’s crucial to consider compatibility. Check the size of your skateboard’s trucks and the clearance between the wheels and board. Cruiser wheels might be larger, so ensure they won’t cause wheel bite (where the wheels rub against the board) when turning sharply.

Benefits of Using Cruiser Wheels

Cruiser wheels offer several advantages. They provide enhanced stability and a smoother ride, making them ideal for cruising around town, commuting, or cruising downhill. Their softer material absorbs vibrations, offering a more comfortable experience on rough or uneven surfaces.

Potential Challenges

While switching to cruiser wheels can improve your ride, it might present some challenges. The larger size might require adjustments to your trucks or riser pads to avoid wheel bite. Additionally, if you’re used to performing tricks or maneuvers that require harder wheels’ responsiveness, softer cruiser wheels might feel less responsive.

Upgrading Your Skateboarding Experience

Ultimately, putting cruiser wheels on a normal skateboard can significantly alter its performance, primarily transforming it into a more comfortable and stable cruising machine. It’s a simple modification that can make your skateboard more versatile, allowing you to enjoy different styles of riding.

Commonly asked questions

Can I put cruiser wheels on any skateboard?

Yes, in most cases, you can replace the regular wheels with cruiser wheels. However, ensure compatibility with your trucks and consider potential adjustments.

Do I need to change anything else besides the wheels?

Depending on the size of the cruiser wheels, you might need riser pads or adjustments to prevent wheel bite.

Will cruiser wheels affect my ability to do tricks?

Cruiser wheels might feel less responsive for tricks compared to harder wheels.

Are cruiser wheels only for cruising or commuting?

While they excel in those areas, cruiser wheels can be used for various styles of riding, offering stability and comfort.

Can I switch back to regular wheels after using cruiser wheels?

Yes, you can always switch back to regular wheels if you prefer or need different performance attributes.


Swapping out normal skateboard wheels for cruiser wheels is a feasible modification that can significantly impact your riding experience. The transition to larger, softer wheels offers enhanced stability, smoother rides, and versatility for various styles of skating. However, it’s essential to consider compatibility and potential adjustments to avoid wheel bite or responsiveness issues. Overall, this simple switch can elevate your skateboarding adventures, making cruising and commuting more enjoyable and comfortable.

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