Do I Need Riser Pads for My Skateboard?

“Looking for the best ride? Are you interested in riser pads for your reliable skateboard? Let’s get started, buddy. They are like quiet heroes: riser pads. offering you a smoother, more steady cruise, elevating your ride, and cushioning shocks. But do you actually require them? Let’s solve the problem and polish your set-up. Join the journey, let’s roll!”

Do I Need Riser Pads for My Skateboard?

“Friend, riser pads balance your riding. For a smooth ride, they provide stability and shock absorption. Think about riser pads if you want to cruise at your best. They improve the performance of your skateboard like a silent guide. need for a smooth ride.

The Unsung Heroes of Skateboarding

The unsung heroes of the skateboard industry are riser pads. These invisible rubber inserts may not draw much attention, yet they are essential to the safety of your ride.

Why Are Riser Pads Essential?

  • Shock Absorption: Riser pads act as shock absorbers, softening the impact of rough terrains and hard landings. Your knees will thank you for this extra cushioning.
  • Stability: They provide extra height, resulting in a more stable ride. This is particularly beneficial for riders looking to avoid dreaded wheel bite – when your wheels rub against the deck, causing you to lose balance.
  • Customization: Riser pads allow you to fine-tune your skateboard setup. Depending on your preferences and the type of skateboarding you enjoy, you can adjust the height and overall feel of your board.

When Do You Need Riser Pads?

Now that you know why riser pads are crucial let’s address the burning question: When do you actually need them?

1. Cruising and Longboarding: If you’re all about cruising or longboarding, riser pads can transform your experience. The added height and cushioning enhance comfort and control during those extended rides.

2. Street Skating: For street skating enthusiasts, riser pads are less of a necessity, but they can still be a game-changer. They provide extra clearance for executing tricks without wheel bite worries.

3. Downhill Riding: When it comes to downhill skateboarding, stability is paramount. Riser pads offer that added confidence for navigating high speeds and steep descents.

4. Minimizing Vibrations: Riser pads help reduce vibrations, making for a smoother, more comfortable ride. This is a boon for anyone who loves to cruise without the numbing effects of vibrations.

5. Experimentation: Skateboarding is all about self-expression. If you’re the type of skater who loves experimenting with your setup, riser pads offer yet another dimension to fine-tune your board’s feel and responsiveness.

A Matter of Personal Preference

While the advantages of riser pads are clear, whether you need them depends on your personal style and preferences. Some skaters find that they can comfortably skate without riser pads, while others swear by them.

Choosing the Right Riser Pads

If you decide that riser pads are right for you, the next step is selecting the right ones. Here are some key considerations:

1. Thickness: Riser pads come in various thicknesses, typically ranging from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch. The thickness you choose affects the height of your board and how much shock absorption it provides.

2. Material: Riser pads are commonly made of rubber or plastic. Rubber tends to provide better shock absorption, while plastic may be more durable.

3. Compatibility: Ensure that the riser pads you choose are compatible with your trucks and deck.

4. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different thicknesses and materials to find the setup that suits you best.

Frequently asked questions

What Are Riser Pads for Skateboards?

Riser pads are like little cushions for your skateboard. They fit between your deck and trucks. They give you extra room, making your ride smoother and more stable. They also help absorb shocks from bumpy roads.

Do I Need Riser Pads for Street Skateboarding?

For street skateboarding, it depends on your preference. Most street skaters like a lower deck for better control. But if you face rough terrain or worry about wheel bite, riser pads can help by giving you more clearance.

Are Riser Pads Important for Downhill Riding?

Yes, especially for downhill riding. They add height and soak up shocks, keeping you stable at high speeds. They also reduce vibrations, making your ride more comfortable. So, they’re a must-have for downhill enthusiasts.

Can Riser Pads Be Used for Longboarding?

Absolutely! Riser pads are a big plus for longboarding. They add cushioning and height, making long rides comfier. Plus, the extra stability and shock absorption they provide are perfect for a smooth and relaxed cruising experience.

How Do I Choose the Right Thickness for Riser Pads?

Picking the right thickness is all about what feels good to you. Thicker pads, like 1/2 inch, give more height and absorb shocks better. Thinner ones, like 1/8 inch, offer some clearance without changing your board’s feel too much. Experiment a bit to find what suits your style best.


In the world of skateboarding, every detail matters, and riser pads are no exception. Whether you’re a casual cruiser or an adrenaline-seeking downhill racer, the choice of riser pads can elevate your ride to new heights. The added comfort, stability, and customization options they offer make them a valuable addition to any skateboard setup.

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