Evolve Skateboards vs Onewheel

A self-balancing single-wheel electric board sport, enjoyable personal transporter, and sometimes even an electric skateboard, Onewheel is often referred to as an electric skateboard. Unlike on an electric unicycle, the rider’s feet (and often their entire body) are parallel to the wheel and the direction of travel.

Evolve boards are great-performance machines that blend durability, elegance, and top-quality materials with cutting-edge technology. These boards are the result of careful craftsmanship and are hand-crafted in the United States.

The brushless electric motor in the Onewheel’s single wheel spins to accelerate riders’ forwards or backward, making continuous small adjustments to keep riders balanced. Riders stand on the board, with one foot on each side of the center wheel. The front footpad is pressure-sensitive and senses when the rider is standing on the board; the back footpad does the same for the rider’s back foot.

Users simply lean in the desired direction to steer the board. If riders want to stop, they need only lift their heel off the edge of the front footpad. Leaning back on the Onewheel Pint’s optional dismount system, Simple stop slows the board to a stop and disengages the motor so the rider can step off.


This security measure can be disabled via the app’s mobile platform. The new Onewheel GT will include the Simplestop function found on the Pint and Pint X, thanks to the incorporation of Digital Shaping 3.0.

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Every Onewheel is equipped with a set of three accelerometers and gyroscopes that constantly track the rider’s position and orientation in three dimensions. About 14,000 times per second, these sensors collect data to inform the motor how to best assist riders with stability and propulsion.

Pushback is a feature used by all of the models to alert the rider when their speed is approaching the limit. When riders’ speeds get too high, the Onewheel’s pushback feature gently raises the front of the device to signal that they should slow down.

An optional app can be used to monitor the rider’s battery life and distance traveled, as well as control the vehicle’s various riding modes.

In addition to the motor, the rider can adjust the sensitivity of the app’s other board functions to better suit their individual riding preferences.

Comparison between evolve skateboards vs onewheel


Here we present you a short comparison of some of the famous and widely used models of Evolve and Onewheel.


Hadean Bamboo Street

The farthest far range of any of our carvers Comfortable bending deck for maximum performance.

Speed: up to 31 mph
Range: 40 miles on a single charge.
Price: $2126 


In January of 2017, an updated model called Onewheel+ was released with a greater range and a faster maximum speed.

Speed: 30 km/h
Range: 11.5 km on a single charge
Price: New N/A, discontinued
Stoke SERIES 2

Among Evolve Skateboards’ lineup, the Stoke board is the smallest and most portable; it’s Series 2 version raises the bar even further for encouraging private transport in 2023, providing the best possible performance, durability, and feel while riding.

Speed: 22 mph
Range: 10 miles on a single charge
Price: $1029


Pint is a manageable size at only 27 inches in length. Pack it up and take it on the bus, leave it on your table at the cafe, or tuck it away in your desk drawer. Tires with a more rounded profile make carving turns a breeze. The Pint has a handle and an LED battery indicator light to make it convenient to transport.

Speed: 16 mph
Range: max 8 miles on a single charge
Price: $1050

GTR Carbon 2 in 1 – (Series 2)

Evolve Skateboards invented the first carbon fiber electric skateboard in 2013. GTR Carbon Series 2 carries on the legacy with Dual 3000w-rated 6368 custom brushless sensored motors.In 2022, the Evolve GTR Series 2 raises the bar for personal transportation. It’s no-compromise design produced the best performance, durability, and feel underfoot. The GTR 2in1 series is reliable for street and offroad boarding.

Speed: 27 mph
Range: 31 miles on a single charge
Price: $1050


GT is the world’s finest shredding machine since every part of it has been redesigned. Designed to last and constructed to exacting standards in the USA. The GT has the superior aluminum Maghandle Pro handle with a rubber grip that pops out of the way when not in use. With GT, Onewheel has reached a new technological peak. It’s a cutting-edge piece of equipment for surfing and other board sports.

Speed: 20 mph
Range: 32 miles on a single charge
Price: $2200
Hadean Carbon Street

The Hadean Series is our top-tier offering, built for individuals who demand the very best. The Hadean is for those who desire the best possible ride because it has more of everything: speed, range, intelligence, and power.

The Hadean Series is the culmination of our thirteen years of experience in the electric skateboard industry. The speed limit of 31 mph Powerful 3,000-watt motors mean you won’t have to worry about even the steepest of hills. Brand-new, industrial-strength Phaze remote (LCD screen + four-speed settings).

Ingenious lighting integration. Superior Ceramic Ball Bearings from Evolve. Maximum continuous discharge of 140 amps; custom-built 43.2V, 16AH, 691.2Wh Battery; 12S4P arrangement; 21700 Cells on bespoke flexible PCB with custom BMS.

Speed: 31 mph
Range: 31 miles on a single charge
Price: $2368. 


The Pint X has a range of 12–18 mi and a max speed of Eighteen miles per hour (30 km/h), marginally speedier than the Pint (19.5–29 km). It has a similar range but is slower and has more pushback than an XR. People’s champ. Pint X’s 750W HypercoreTM motor delivers 18 miles per hour and torque.

Ride on the road, grass, dirt, sand, or the beach. It’s Irresistible. The Pint X rockets out of corners, rockets up hills, and rails berms whether you’re on or off the road. Pint X’s capabilities will astound you. For sense pad indication, battery monitoring, and in-ride alerts, Pint has a Light Bar built into the front footpad.

Pint X is portable, measuring just 27 inches from tip to tip, so you can take it with you anywhere from the coffee shop to the train to the space under your desk. Save it, smoke it, and adore it.

Speed: 18 mph
Range: 12-18 miles on a single charge
Price: $1400

Despite these above-mentioned amazing skateboards here some other skateboards recommended by experts from Evolve and one wheel are:

Here is a video comparison between Evolve Skateboards vs Onewheel

Hadean Carbon All Terrain by Evolve:

Some major astonishing specifications of the Hadean series by Evolve are given below.


The Hadean Series, so named for the time period in Earth’s history when it was first fully formed, is the culmination of our thirteen years of experience in the field of electric skateboard design and manufacturing.


Our layered electric system, currently pending a patent, allows for increased performance without sacrificing aesthetics. With the same stylish design that has made Evolve boards so popular, you can now enjoy 37% more battery life and 4x the performance of the GTR.


The Hadean Carbon is the first skateboard deck to feature a “chassis.” Our handcrafted, forged carbon fiber decks are influenced by the technology found in high-end automobiles. The high fiber content and random strand orientation give this lightweight material its reputation for strength.


We’ve also pioneered a first for electric skates: a ventilation system that removes heat from the motor and battery.

Precision dual-finned channels made from forged aluminum and machined to extreme accuracy allow for rapid heat dissipation and optimal performance.


The E-FOC was devised and built in Australia, and it revolutionizes how easily a rider may harness the extreme power provided by the dual 3000w motors and the 12S battery system of the Hadean.


Smart lighting from the Hadean Series increases rider safety by activating hazard lights in real time whenever the rider applies the brakes.


You’ll be able to brace against the deck to keep your balance and keep you secure through tighter carves and more aggressive takeoffs thanks to lock-in drop downs at the shoulders and a wider foot landing that can accommodate shoes of all sizes.


With our custom-forged Super Carve Trucks, every Evolve board is a carving machine.

The twin barrel construction makes them stable at high speeds while still allowing for quick maneuverability, and we provide a variety of bushings that are compatible with them so that you can fine-tune them to your satisfaction.


The dual-trigger design of the Phaze remote makes accelerating and decelerating the vehicle easy to understand, and its sturdy aluminum housing protects it from the elements.

A CNC aluminum structure serves as the controller’s backbone, and the construction of the device is such that it strives to provide a remote that is capable of satisfying the requirements of the most experienced riders.


On the full-color LCD display, your real-time ride data is presented as it is collected. You are able to adjust your controller to match your current level of expertise thanks to its four different speed modes.


Taking even more command of your Hadean journey is now possible with the improved Explore by Evolve app. You have complete control over the braking and acceleration curves, and you can fine-tune the look of your lights with a variety of hues, movement, and multicolor settings for the highest possible level of personalization.

Paralympic Skateboarder review:

The Hadean Carbon is a fantastic board for cross-training for me as a Paralympic snowboarder. Extremely pleasurable to ride, with superb quickness, handling, and endurance.

Definitely, a wonderful product to help me stay in peak competitive shape. Mike Schultz-Team USA snowboarding


Some major amazing specifications of the PINT-X series by OneWheel are given below.

Power Packed:

Pint X is fast, and Pint XR is even faster. Because of the increased speed and torque, steeper hills are easily conquered, good acceleration is provided while exiting corners, and time is saved on longer journeys.

Extended Range:

When you double range, you double your fun. You can travel up to 18 miles (29 kilometers) on a single charge, which is twice as far as the Pint, so you can go wherever you want.

Shred Ready:

Pint X is capable of zipping out of bends, flying up hills, and railing berms whether it’s on or off the road. Pint X is capable of doing things that will blow your mind.

Hold and Go:

Pint X is portable and is 27 inches from tip to tip, so you can take it anywhere: to the coffee shop, on the train, beneath your desk, etc. Stash it, sesh it, enjoy it.


Pint features Sense pad indication, battery monitoring, and in-ride notifications are all provided via the lightbar that is built into the front footpad.


Use the Onewheel app to synchronize with your board. Change the way your board rides, monitor the charge of your battery, communicate with your buddies, and do much more.

You can also customize your board.

If you are looking for greater power, extra range, and the best experience on a Onewheel, then you should look no further. shop GT.

If you are looking for the OneWheel that is the smallest, lightest, and cost-effective? shop PINT.


EVOLVE and ONEWHEEL both are best in their own categories.

EVOLVE carefully combines designs that are based on performance with the latest technology to give you the best ride. With many design and innovation awards, EVOLVE pushes the limits with ideas that are the first of their kind in the industry, so you know you’re getting the finest electric skateboard.

The idea for Evolve Skateboards UK came from one man’s desire to change the industry. After 13 years, Evolve has the biggest network of customer service and support centers, which spans more than 50 countries, out of which many are in the USA and Canada.

We know you want fast and friendly support, so Evolve is the only e-skate company with a global presence. Our UK headquarters are in London.

Onewheel boards are designed and assembled in the US and the head office is located in California. ONEWHEEL is one of the best and most reliable company with respect to quality, safety, design, durability, range, and speed for one-wheel boards, expensive but pays value for money.  


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