How To Hang Skateboard Deck On Wall Without Nails?

There are a few different methods accessible to you if you want to hang your skateboard deck on the wall but you don’t want to use nails. So, here is the answer to the question “how to hang skateboard deck on wall without nails”. You can use Velcro strips or sticky strips, both of which are simple to attach and remove from their respective surfaces. 

Alternatively, you could use skateboard-specific wall mount brackets or a display stand to put the deck up against the wall or place it on a shelf. Both of these options are available to you. No matter whatever approach you go with, you need to make sure that it is safe and secure enough to support the weight of the deck without sustaining any harm.

How To Hang Skateboard Deck On Wall Without Nails?

Several methods exist for nail-free skateboard wall display, such as

Adhesive strips: 

Command Strips or similar products can be utilized for attaching the deck to the wall. Just press the deck firmly against the wall after attaching the strips to the back.

You can also fasten the deck to the wall with Velcro strips. Press the Velcro together after attaching one side to the wall and the other to the deck.

Wall mount brackets: 

There are different kinds of wall mount brackets made with skateboards in mind. The deck may be mounted to the wall with these brackets and no nails or screws are required.

Skateboard deck display stand: 

You may lean the deck up against a wall or set it on a shelf using a display stand made specifically for skateboard decks.

Choose a system that can support the deck’s weight without swaying or breaking to avoid these problems.

What You Will Need to Hang Skateboard Deck on Wall Without Nails?

Plastic Hook:

You can use these hooks to store your skateboards on the wall without damaging the wall. In this case, Command is one of the most trusted brands available to us. You should also consider the item’s weight capacity when selecting the best hook available.

The strongest adhesives I could find for plastic hooks at the store were rated for more than two pounds of weight. The next component is necessary, though, because skateboards can weigh more than 4 lbs.

Sticky Strips:

While you might get good results with the plastic hook’s original adhesives, they won’t stay. For a more permanent attachment, I use Command strips.

These adhesives can be purchased individually as replacements. But I use these tapes to promptly replace the originals on the hooks.

These mounting strips can support loads of up to 2.2 kilograms (5 pounds), which is more than enough for a standard skateboard. Additionally, they have heavier increments that run up to 7.2kg, but that could be too much for our purpose.

T-tool and measuring tape: 

In order to finish the process, we remove the trucks using a T-tool. If you don’t have access to a T-tool, a Phillips head screwdriver could do the trick in a pinch. The placement of the plastic hangers on the wall requires the use of a measuring tape.

Cleaning products (optional):

Use a few soft portions of towel and vinegar to remove dust from the wall.

How Do We Hang the Skateboard Nail-less?

Here is a complete guide to hang skateboards on a wall without nails. 

  1. To hang a skateboard without using nails, you will need adhesive strips and hooks.
  2. First, clean the wall surface where you want to hang the skateboard by wiping it with a clean cloth to remove any dust or dirt.
  3. Next, attach two adhesive strips on each end of the skateboard deck, making sure they are evenly spaced and centered.
  4. Peel off the backing from the adhesive strips and press the skateboard onto the wall, holding it in place for a few seconds to ensure a secure bond.
  5. Then, attach hooks to the wall where you want to hang the skateboard, using a level to ensure that they are straight and even.
  6. Hang the skateboard by its trucks on the hooks and adjust the placement of the hooks as necessary to center and level the skateboard.

Finally, step back and admire your newly hung skateboard!

Remember to choose a safe and secure location to hang your skateboard and ensure that the adhesive strips and hooks are strong enough to support its weight. If you have any doubts, consider using a skateboard wall mount or display stand instead.


Maintaining the skateboard in a safe environment is one of the variables that determines how long it will last. By doing something similar to mounting your boards on the wall, you can protect them from the accelerated deterioration that would otherwise result from mold growth on the deck.

You are also one step closer to successfully preserving your skateboards now that you are aware of how to hang skateboards on walls without using nails. Where can you locate this instructional video? In the comments box, please share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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