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How To Do A 50-50 Grind

In the 1980s, grinds started to gain popularity, and they have remained an essential trick in advanced street & park skateboarding ever since. This is the correct way to perform a 50-50 on a ledge.

The act of grinding involves gliding the skateboard’s trucks down a curved or angular layer in front of you, such as a curb, ledge, rail, box, the coping of a ramp, or any other such surface.

Hence, anything that can be ground is fair game for 50/50.

The skater must already feel comfortable with a sequence of basic maneuvers, including moving the skateboard, landing the ollie, and sliding into an axle stall on a curb, before attempting to perform a grind. Examples of these core maneuvers include.

There is no question that the ollie is essential. Because it is difficult to grind a surface without first jumping onto it, the rider must first become proficient in the core trick of the sport.

How To Do A 50-50 Grind?


The following are the five steps that makeup grinds:

  1. Getting up to speed.
  2. Trying to do an ollie into the item.
  3. Coming in for a landing on the surface.
  4. Using both vehicles, we ground our way through the obstruction.
  5. After going over the edge at the very end.

The 50-50 grind is the simplest and most fundamental type of grinding, and it was also the very first of its sort to be carried out way back when.

The name of the trick itself explains everything.

The two wheels on the left side of your skateboard will be positioned on one side of the grind surface, and the two wheels on the right side will be positioned on the opposite side of the obstacle. Choose a curb that has been thoroughly waxed and is not too high so that it is prepared to receive your trucks when you are practicing your first 50-50 grinds.

The next step is to ollie up onto the object while you are still standing still, and then attempt to keep your balance when you are in the 50-50 position.

You may, for instance, carry out this exercise while standing on a curb in the street.

In addition to that, give the ollie a shot and see if you can get your board to slide laterally forward in front of you. You will have an easier time getting into the grinding object if you repeat this maneuver.

Either the frontside or the backside of the 50-50 grind can be used, however, it is recommended that you learn it with your eyes and chest facing in the direction that you will be traveling.

When it comes to pulling off any basic grind trick, having good balance is really necessary. Check out the steps that are listed below in order to understand how to land the frontside 50/50 grind:

1. Pop your board along to the hurdle:

Pop your board ollie while skating parallel to the obstruction You should pop your ollie while skating along to the obstacle that you intend to leap onto. Be sure to ollie up high enough to clear the obstruction entirely before attempting to bring your rear trucks and back trucks down on it. Begin with a less challenging hurdle, like a curb, then proceed to move on to more difficult obstacles, such as benches and rails, after you feel comfortable with the first one.

2. Rotate frontside:

After you have completed the previous step, rotate the frontside a small amount so that both of your trucks can land in a grind position on the edge of the obstacle. Be cautious to land on the heel side of your trucks; if you land on the toe side of your trucks, you will fall off the barrier backward.

3. Grind:

Grind in a forward movement and come off at the end of the obstacle. As your front truck clears the hurdle, put pressure on your tail to pull your nose up so that you won’t nosedive. This will prevent you from crashing into the obstacle.

Frontside 50-50 Grind Step-by-step Guide:

The frontside 50-50 grind is the ideal foundation upon which to build any other grinding technique. It is important to remember to wax the ledge so that the trucks will move easily across the surface.


The following is an explanation of how to conduct a 50-50 grind:

  • Skateboard with a moderate amount of forward momentum.
  • Take the ollie posture and adjust the position of your front foot so that it is either higher or lower based on the altitude of the obstacle.
  • Roll in the direction of the object at a small angle.
  • Bring Ollie up onto the surface of the grinding.
  • Take aim and lock in your trucks so that they are pressed up against the sides of the wheels.
  • Maintain contact with the bolts with both your front and back feet.
  • Sliding along the obstruction at a moderate speed while keeping a low stance is the best strategy.
  • For the best possible control of the ride, shift your weight slightly forward.
  • Simply press down ever-so-slightly on the tail of the board, lift the nose of the board, and slide off the end to exit a 50-50 grind.
  • Roll away and land without any damage.


Try to lock your wheels onto the edge of the hurdle so that your board doesn’t just slide around.

Also, if you land too close to the other side of the trucks, the board may slide out from under you. Rails are riskier, especially if you’re new to the move and trying it for the first time. Try to stay away from them until you’ve learned how to do everything else.

The trick to doing a good 50-50 grind is to lock the trucks against the curb in the right way so that they stay stable and balanced during the slide. In the end, the edge of the wheels will keep your skateboard from sliding too far over the obstacle.

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