How To Make A Ring Out Of A Skateboard Bearing? DIY Guide

You will need a few tools and ingredients to turn a skateboard bearing into a ring. First, use tools or a bearing tool to take the bearing out of the wheel of the skateboard. Make sure to use a cleaner to clean the bearing well and let it dry well.

 Next, hold the bearing in place with a vice or a bearing press tool. Use a spinning tool or a metal file to grind down the bearing’s outer and inner rings. Leave the ball bearings in the middle of the bearing alone. 

After the rings have been ground down, use a metal file to smooth out any rough edges. Last, use a polishing cloth or metal oil to shine up the ring. 

Keep in mind that this process takes some skill and care, and that when using power tools, it’s important to wear the right safety gear. Also, it’s best to use old or worn bearings for this job instead of new ones so as not to affect how well the bearings work.

How To Make A Ring Out Of A Skateboard Bearing?


You’ll need some equipment and supplies to turn a skateboard bearing into a ring. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Using pliers or a bearing tool, take the bearing out of the skateboard wheel.
  • Apply a degreaser and carefully dry the bearing after cleaning it.
  • Hold the bearing firmly by clamping it in a vice or using a bearing press tool.
  • To remove the bearing’s outer and inner rings while keeping the ball bearings intact, use a rotary tool or metal file.
  • When you’re done grinding the rings down, use a metal file to remove any burs or sharp edges.
  • Finally, use a metal polish or a polishing cloth to give the ring a shiny finish.

What Size Is A Skateboard Bearing Ring?

You need to know the exact size of a skateboard bearing ring to keep your board going smoothly and efficiently.

The standard interior and exterior diameters for skateboard bearings are 8mm and 22mm, respectively. Because of this, the bearings can work with the truck’s axle and fit securely in the wheel hub.

Skateboard bearings come in a variety of sizes, the most common of which is 8mm by 22mm. You may improve your skateboard’s riding quality, top speed, and overall performance by paying attention to the size of the bearing rings.

How Do I Make A Ring Out Of A Skateboard Bearing:

If you have an old skateboard bearing that you don’t know what to do with, consider crafting it into a one-of-a-kind item of jewelry. Making a skateboard ring is simpler than you might imagine, and we’ll walk you through the process. In a short amount of time, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry using only a few basic tools and materials.

The Necessary Tools:

You’ll need a few basic supplies to fashion your own skateboard ring. You will also need a tiny mandrel or round item (like a dowel rod) and something to align the bearing race, as well as a drill (either electric or manual), some sandpaper or a grinding wheel, vise grips/wire cutters, and anything to straighten the bearing race. You can find all of these things at almost any hardware or home improvement store. When grinding down the bearing race, safety eyewear are essential to prevent metal shavings from entering your eyes. 

STEP 1:  you have to take off the bearing race:

When you’re ready and have everything you need, it’s time to start dismantling your skateboard’s bearing. The first thing to do is take off the bearing’s outer race. To accomplish this, you can use pliers or wire cutters to gently pry it off. Skateboard rings are made from the inner ring of a bearing, thus it’s important to handle them with care.

STEP 2: Grinding or sanding the bearing race is the second step:

After the bearing race has been removed, it will need to be sanded down so that it may be used in jewelry manufacturing. To accomplish this, first determine how much material needs to be removed from the bearing race (it should be roughly half its original size). Then, use either sandpaper or a grinding wheel to get the job done. Metal shavings may fly off during this process, therefore it’s important to use protective eyewear. 

Step 3: Make a Circle or a Ring:

After reducing the bearing race’s diameter by half, the next step is to mold it into a ring. Put the mandrel (or other round object) within the bearing race, and start gradually shaping it into a circular form with the pliers/wire cutters until it snugly fits around your finger. Be careful not to overstress the metal, as this could lead to cracking when you’re done using it.


A simple and inexpensive way to demonstrate your passion for skateboarding is to fashion a ring out of a skateboard bearing and wear it.

All you need are some fundamental tools, access to a drill, and a fundamental understanding of how to make jewelry. If you give these instructions a try, you will soon have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you fashioned with your own hands.

Exhibit your ring with a sense of pride, and you can be sure that your loved ones and friends will be asking you lots of questions about how you created such an attractive jewelry.

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