How To Make Your Skateboard Wheels Spin Longer?

Sometimes people find a problem with their skateboard wheels and generally ask questions like why their new skateboard wheels become stiff and usually they find problems with the speed or movement of the wheels.

Skateboard wheel stiffness can be caused by several factors, including but not limited to dirt on the wheels, damaged or unlubricated bearings, wheels that are too tight, and an overall skateboard that is too heavy for you. The remedies discussed and stated below will definitely answer all your queries about how to make skateboard wheels spin faster.

Some solutions to consider are listed below:

Start by giving your skateboard’s bearings and wheels a good cleaning.

It’s common knowledge that machinery performs better after being thoroughly cleaned and regularly serviced. Bearings, an integral part of your skateboards, are an example of a place where this is especially true.

As dirt accumulates on your wheels, it can cause your bearings to slip, reducing your speed.

When your wheels start to slow down or you switch out your grip tape or plates, it’s also a good idea to give them a good cleaning.

If you want your bearings and wheels to stay clean and turn quickly, consider the following measures:

Rollerblade Bearing Maintenance

The bearings in your skateboard are made up of countless tiny balls that rub against each other. The grease within them can become contaminated over time, reducing their speed and responsiveness.

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How To Make Your Skateboard Wheels Spin Longer

Here’s a detailed explanation of how to maintain your skateboard’s bearings in top shape.

  • First, remove the bearings from the wheels and examine them closely for any grit or metal particles. Get rid of any grime you discover.
  • Combine them with your preferred cleaner in a bowl or jar (a solvent, rubbing alcohol, or lemon juice is recommended).
  • Soak them for an hour or two.
  • Give them a good soaking in water until you can tell that no more dirt is coming off.
  • Use a towel to dry them off (or just let them air dry).
  • Reinstall them into your skateboard after lubricating them.

Learn to Maintain Your Skateboard’s Wheels with Common Household Items

A rider’s ability to control their vehicle is diminished as dirt and dust accumulate on the vehicle’s wheels, reducing the tyres’ ability to grip the pavement. For optimal performance on any surface, it’s essential to regularly clean your skateboard’s wheels. 

The wheels can be cleaned with ease using only water, dish soap, and a brush.

Step 1: you’ll need to take the skateboard’s wheels off.

Step 2: Use warm water and a soft brush, like an old toothbrush, to remove any dirt or debris from the wheels.

Step 3: Use dish soap on the brush and scrub stubborn dirt off the wheels if necessary.

Once the wheels have dried completely, reinstall them on your skateboard. Loosen the nuts on your axles.

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If you are thinking that why new skateboard wheels are stiff. The reason behind this is that skateboards for sale already have wheels attached. However, pre-assembled skateboards can have axle nuts that are too tight, which can cause problems.

The wheels’ rotational speed decreases as the axle nut are tightened. When you tighten the axle nut, you increase the pressure on the bearings, which slows the rotation of the wheels.

If you’re thinking that how to make skateboard wheels spin faster? You can use above mentioned remedies (cleaning, lubricating and adjusting the axle nuts) a common way to make the wheels spin for a longer period of time, loosen the axle nut a little if they are extra tight. 

Boost Your Board’s Performance by Swapping Out the Wheels and Bearings

When the wheels on your skateboard spin quickly but wear out quickly, it’s time to upgrade. As you keep pushing, the bearing will get dirtier, and the speed will decrease.

If your skateboard is older than three or four years, you should consider replacing the wheels and bearings.

Doing so will result in significant financial savings for you. You’ll gain speed and stability if you do this.

Put Quality Skateboard Wheels on Your Board


Your skateboard would be useless without its wheel. When selecting wheels for skate park use, it’s important to think about how you plan to use the park.

Skateboards with wheels that have lower durometers are preferred by most experts due to their slower but softer roll.

Skaters can travel at high speeds while still feeling in control thanks to the softer wheels. For longer runs, where speed and control are less of a concern, some seasoned skaters also employ harder wheels.

Urethane is currently the most popular choice for skateboard wheel construction. Urethane wheels have a reputation for superior performance compared to their plastic and composite counterparts.

The price of urethane wheels is usually higher than that of plastic or composite wheels for the same size vehicle because while urethane is highly resilient, it can also become brittle with age.

To Get the Best Results, Install Quality Skateboard Bearings

Changing the bearings in your skateboard wheels is the quickest and easiest way to improve their spin. The lifespan, spin time, and friction of a high-quality bearing (like an SKF bearing) are all increased.

The bearing’s quality, the hub’s quality, the rim’s quality, and the type of skating you do all affect how long a set of bearings will last on a skateboard.

ABEC is a standard for bearing quality. The American Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) scale quantifies the degree to which a bearing operates smoothly and with minimal friction. Bearings with an ABEC rating of 7 or higher are more reliable and last longer than those with lower ratings.

Hubs with poor bearings are useless. A high load-bearing hub will have a sealed ball-bearing assembly, a shaft that has been machined to exacting tolerances, and a precision-ground raceway.

A wheel’s rim is only as good as the wheel itself. Quality wheels will have rims made of aircraft-grade aluminum or carbon fiber. The urethane coating on the rim of some wheels makes them more durable.

The length of time your bearings spin depends not only on how you ride but also on the terrain. Because street wheels must remain tight while endurance wheels can spin looser, a street rider will spin their bearings for a longer time than endurance riders.

Maintenance is the Key to Extending the Life of Your Bearings:


Keep bearings clean on a consistent basis. Friction is caused when dirt and debris accumulate in your bearings.

  • Improve your riding abilities.

You should get some skateboarding lessons. If you’re not a good skater and unaware of skating tactics and moves in that case, you won’t be able to improve the spin of your skateboard’s wheels.

You should begin by learning and perfecting the fundamentals of riding. Getting used to falling is an essential part of improving your riding abilities. A soft landing will keep you from scraping your knees. Preventing a fall will only make matters worse.

You can watch videos of professional skateboarders on YouTube or get pointers from skateboard Elite if you want to learn how to ride a skateboard well. After you’ve gotten the hang of falling safely and skating at a slower pace for a while, it’s time to work on improving your speed and turning ability on the skateboard.

Other advice by Mr. G. Burns a professional trainer in response of my question: What can I do to increase the length and number of rotations of my skateboard’s wheels?

He told me many things in a long discussion a few but major one of them I am writing here for you guys I hope that it will help you a lot to improve your skills and skateboarding experience.

  • Stay off by bumpy roads.
  • Get yourself some reliable wheel bearings.
  • Maintain regular wheel lubrication.
  • Check for damage to the wheels.
  • When your wheels are worn out, you need to get new ones.


How long should a skateboard wheel spin?

Ten to thirty seconds is the right amount of time for the skateboard wheels to spin. To be more specific, the wheels on your skateboard should be able to spin freely for at least 10 seconds. If it stops in less than 10 seconds, your wheels are probably too tight. If it goes on for more than 30 seconds, it’s loose.

How can I make my bearings spin faster?

Here are some ways to make the bearings in your skateboard spin quicker, hence increasing its top speed.
The wheel axle bolts need to be loosened slightly.
Wheels need to have their contact areas cleaned.
Skateboard bearings that are filthy and noisy need to be cleaned.
Simply replacing the wheels will eliminate the size difference.
Recalibrate your bearings.

How do you fix a slow skateboard wheel?

Clean them well and spin them dry to get rid of any dust or dirt left on them. Once the dirt and grease were gone, the bearings could work again. You should use something that has silicone in it to lubricate. WD-40 and other products like it will dry out your bearings and make them more likely to get dirty.

Skate shops sell Bones Speed Cream, while auto parts stores sell Prolong. Put the shields and bearings back on, and then start shredding. You won’t need much, and what you don’t use will spin off. Don’t put your life in danger to show off to your friends but do use your faster skating to your advantage.

Should skateboard wheels be tight or loose?

When going down a skate ramp, your wheels need to be very fast and stable, just like when you’re going down a hill. Most importantly, they should be tight enough to stop the wheel biting and speed wobbling. This makes the ride easier and safer. But on smooth roads, they should be moderate not much tight, and not that loose.

Why does my skateboard lose speed so fast?

With the passage of time of skateboard bearings attract dust due to lubrications which cause friction and slows down the skateboards’ wheel spinning which results into lose speed. another reason that is common in new skateboards that occurs due to too much tight axle nuts. the major solutions are cleaning the skateboards wheels and bearings by using above mentioned methods and loosing the axle nuts and adjusting the wheels at moderate level. 


If you follow our instructions carefully, you’ll be able to get the wheel turning more quickly and proficiently. I hope that you have got all the information about how to make your skateboard wheels spin longer. If after following all the above-mentioned remedies still there is no significant impact on wheel spinning and speed and you are still thinking that how to make your skateboard wheels faster or they are still stiff than, you should think about getting brand-new, fast wheels and bearings.

To the reader: Thank you for taking the time to read this article; I do hope you found it informative.