Is Kryptonics A Good Skateboard Brand? Our Honest Opinion

Skateboards made by Kryptonics are often referred to as “Walmart boards” by their detractors. This is why they are not high-quality skateboards designed for professionals.

They are appropriate for novices. While this board is great for beginners, most skaters eventually wish to move up to a more advanced model.

These decks are marketed toward skateboard novices because of how well they cushion the ride. They’re perfect for novices and young learners.

It’s okay if it’s your first skateboard and you’re worried about the quality. If you’re new to skateboarding and want to save money while getting the hang of it, a used board can be a good option.

Is Kryptonics A Good Skateboard Brand?

The 9-ply maple wood construction of a Kryptonics skateboard deck ensures durability and reliability. This makes them slightly heavier than average, which makes it more challenging to learn flip tricks. If anything, it will make you appear better after you get a professional deck.

It will take some time for the wheels and bearings to break in, but once they do, they will spin quite smoothly. The bearings are rated at an ABEC 3, and the wheels are exceptionally durable, making them ideal for skateboarding on the street.

The truck bushings and wheels on these skateboards are the only real drawbacks. Many riders have complained that the wheels and bushings are overly firm, making the ride uncomfortable. The wheels provide a great ride on freshly paved concrete but struggle on uneven pavement.


All things considered, this skateboard is an excellent option for beginners or as a backup board to keep in the trunk. You should always carry a skateboard with you since you never know when you’ll find a great area to skate.

One of the most popular products from Kryptonics is its wheels. Many skateboarders think that Kryptonics wheels are the best on the market.

A review by a user called “Tim R.” on Amazon says that Kryptonics wheels are “super smooth, fast, and durable.” Tim goes on to state that he has been using Kryptonics wheels for years and has never had a problem with them.

In a review on Skate Warehouse, another user named “Skater for Life” says that Kryptonics wheels are “reliable, high-quality, and durable.” These evaluations illustrate that skateboarders have a lot of respect for Kryptonics wheels.

The quality of Kryptonics decks is another thing to think about. “Justin” said on Amazon that Kryptonics cards are “well-made and sturdy.” Justin goes on to state that he has been using Kryptonics decks for years and has never had a problem with them.

In a review on Skate Warehouse, a user named “Jason” says that Kryptonics decks are “lightweight and strong.” These evaluations show that Kryptonics decks are a decent choice for skateboarders who appreciate quality and durability.

People have different thoughts about Kryptonics trucks. Some skateboarders think that Kryptonics trucks are a tad heavy, while others like how strong they are. “Mike P.” says that Kryptonics trucks are “heavy but durable” in an Amazon review.

Mike goes on to state that he has been using Kryptonics trucks for a long time and has never had any issues with them. On the other side, a user named “Hans” states in a review on Skate Warehouse that Kryptonics trucks are “too heavy” and that he likes lighter trucks.

These reviews show that Kryptonics trucks might not be the greatest choice for skateboarders who like their boards to be light and easy to move around on.

One thing that sets Kryptonics apart from other skateboard brands is its focus on innovation. The company is continually experimenting with new materials and ideas to create goods that are faster, smoother, and more durable. “Jason C.” says in a review on Amazon that Kryptonics wheels are “always changing and getting better.”

Jason goes on to remark that he is impressed by the company’s commitment to innovation. In a review on Skate Warehouse, another user named “Jake D.” says that when it comes to skateboard technology, Kryptonics is “always pushing the envelope.”

Kryptonics Skateboard Key takeaway

  • A double kicktail and a professional concave are included on this 9-ply maple deck.
  • 80ab standard grip tape.
  • Krypto Beast trucks with a stone finish, measuring 5 inches in diameter and made of heavy-duty metal.
  • Polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 54 millimeters and traction grooves.
  • Carbon steel ABEC 3 bearings.

Pros and Cons of Kryptonics Skateboard

The fact that Kryptonics skateboards are readily available and come with very reasonable costs is one of the brand’s primary selling points.

They are not hard to get on Amazon, and neither are their wheels or replacement components, for that matter.
Skateboarding on a Kryptonics board comes with a few drawbacks, the most significant of which is that the board’s performance is not nearly as good as it was in the past.
They come equipped with flexible 9-ply decks that allow for a smooth ride and are simple to tune.There are some poor components included with the skateboard when it is first manufactured, such as the trucks and wheels.
In addition to this, they stock several high-end vintage skateboards and wheels that, in comparison to their standard boards, include a number of additional benefits.They are not so good at riding on surfaces that are rougher, and they have a tendency to skid out on surfaces that are particularly smooth and polished.

Uncovering the Decline: Why Has Kryptonics Lost its Former Skateboarding Glory?

Kryptonics’ growing market share has necessitated the introduction of lower-quality complete skateboards aimed squarely at newcomers. These skateboards, available for $30 to $50 at major retailers like Amazon and Walmart, serve as their entry-level models.

However, the same high-quality wheels and skateboard components are still manufactured but are not included with their entry-level boards.

Kryptonics, like many other skateboard manufacturers, has been in business since the 1960s. In the 1970s, they released a product called Star Trac wheels, which revolutionized the skateboard industry.

The wheels revolutionized the performance of skateboards as the first color-coded range of wheels. For many years, Kryptonics was the only company producing wheels of any kind. They continue to make some of the best wheels available today.

Skaters using Kryptonics wheels dominated events, proving the brand’s superiority. Skaters improved their performance on varied surfaces and frequently “repped the wheels.”

Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Steven Alba, David Hackett, and Tommy Ryan are just a few of the professional skateboarders that Kryptonics has sponsored.

Kryptonics joined with Bravo Sports in 1997, becoming what is now known as Kryptane Systems L.L.C. To this day, the company still produces a wide variety of useful urethane goods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Kryptonics a good skateboard brand?

Kryptonics has been around since the 1960s and is known for making skateboards that are both high-quality and affordable. They have also used new ideas in their designs, like when they made the first skateboard wheel made of urethane.

Are Kryptonics skateboards good for beginners?

Yes, Kryptonics skateboards are great for people who are just starting out. They sell complete skateboard packages that are cheap and have everything you need, like the deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. Also, their boards are made so that they are easy to move and control, which is important for beginners.

What type of skateboarders are Kryptonics skateboards suited for?

Kryptonics has skateboards for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skaters. You can choose from different board sizes, shapes, and designs, so you can find one that fits your skating style and tastes.

Are Kryptonics skateboards durable?

Yes, Kryptonics skateboards have a reputation for being strong. They make their boards with high-quality materials and construction methods that make them last longer. Also, their boards go through a lot of testing to make sure they can handle the stresses of skateboarding.

How do Kryptonics skateboards compare to other brands?

Kryptonics skateboards are a popular choice among skateboarders because they are a good mix of quality and price. They are better than other mid-range skateboard brands, and skaters who want a reliable board without spending a lot of money often choose them.

What is the warranty on Kryptonics skateboards?

Kryptonics skateboards come with a limited warranty that covers any problems with the materials or the way they were made. The length of the warranty depends on the model of skateboard, so it’s best to call the company for more information.


So, for the widely asked question Is Kryptonics a Good Skateboard Brand, here is the final verdict. Kryptonics is still a major player in the skateboarding industry and community, despite its reputation for making inexpensive beginner boards.

Except for the full skateboards, all their other gear is of extremely high quality. But even those are fine for novice skaters to start out on. They pioneered low-priced sets by partnering with retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

There are some disgruntled skaters, but many others welcome this change with open arms. The brand’s commitment to sustainability and its lifetime warranty program are additional advantages that make Kryptonics a reliable and trustworthy brand for skateboarders of all levels.