Is Retrospec A Good Skateboard Brand?

Retrospec skateboards have been available since 2011, so if you want to debate the quality of their longboards, you’ll have to do it with that in mind. It’s important for you to know that this brand of the skateboard is highly regarded by skaters all over the world.

The retrospec skateboard company originally produced bicycles but has since shifted its focus to skateboards, where its team of highly skilled innovators has created some of the most innovative and high-performing designs in the industry.

Some of the riders usually ask if is retrospec a good longboard brand. Retrospec skateboards are very popular with the younger generation of skateboarders because of their reputation for durability, quality, and a unique sense of style.

Skateboards made from bamboo by the company are known for their durability and portability. Retrospec is responding to the increasing diversity of the skating community by producing a wide range of skateboard designs at reasonable prices.

They have remained one of the most dependable and well-liked brands of skateboards available on the market for a considerable amount of time, primarily when it comes to riding and carving through the city and performing tricks at your neighborhood skate park.


Retrospec skateboards have garnered a significant number of devoted fans in the skateboarding world thanks to the high caliber of their decks, the originality of their artwork, and the consistency of their product advancements.

But it is the year 2022, and there are various skateboard companies that have been there for years while others are fresh on the street, so the question is whether or not the Retrospec skateboard can still compete and retain the no-one one position in the market with such a broad offering. Retrospec skateboards are one of the good skateboard brands.

Retrospec skateboards are designed to provide the rider with the best possible riding experience; as a result, they are offered in a wide range of varying features and sizes. These skateboards come in a variety of amazing and cool colours, such as luminous blue, neon green, and even camouflage, so that you can select the appearance that complements your personal style the most. What sets Retrospec skateboards apart from other brands of skateboards.

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The Retrospec skateboard, in addition to having a vast variety of colour options to choose from, also has other features, such as concave decks and kicktails, that are intended to improve the skateboards’ overall performance.

Retrospec skateboards are designed for riders who want the best-performing skateboard possible but don’t want to empty their bank accounts in order to get one. Therefore, anybody who is looking for an affordable skateboard should stop their search right here.

The primary goals of the designers of Retrospec skateboards were to create boards that were both agile and stylish. This was done so that the rider would be able to keep full control of the board at all times, including when going downhill or competing against other skateboarders.

Is Retrospec a Good Skateboard Brand?

One of the most rapidly expanding brands, Retrospec specializes in the production of outdoor sports equipment, most notably bicycles. Since 2008, when they first entered the industry, they have been led by Ely Khakshouri.

Here is a video review:

Despite the fact that they began with bicycles, they eventually expanded their product line to include other types of recreational equipment. Skateboards emblazoned with the company slogan were added afterward “Hit the concrete rolling, Get the road beneath you and the wind behind you in no time”.

However, because of their high standards of quality, innovative designs, and reasonable prices, they have swiftly established themselves as a trustworthy and popular brand of skateboards. The return process is simple and takes no more than 50 days.

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However, if you’re going to purchase a Retrospec skateboard and install third-party wheels, it’s important to stock up on the best skateboard-bearings lubricants in order to maximize the performance of your new board.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Retrospec is a top-notch skateboard manufacturer. In this article, we investigate the background of the company and its products to answer the question, “Is Retrospec real?” Certainly, Retrospec doesn’t skimp on quality when it comes to its skateboards. Skateboards made by Retrospec are top-notch, and that much is undeniable. In fact, 2,053 verified buyers out of 2,053 have given it a perfect score of 5 stars.

Some users did have issues with the visuals, though, because they were not editable. The remaining gripes all have to do with the precise bearings. However, the maker did hear their problems and act swiftly.

Isn’t that good enough of a brand performance?

Retrospec Skateboards are constructed with the highest quality components available, including decks manufactured from the finest 8-ply Canadian Maple wood. Moreover, some are crafted from bamboo. Retrospec also produces and brand names components including wheels, trucks, and bearings. Thus, it may be relied upon.


Additionally, beginners are more likely to choose Retrospec skateboards due to its durability, quality, simplicity of usage, and overall higher ride quality. Conversely, these skateboards are appreciated by pros due to their reasonable pricing and versatility, making them ideal for a wide range of skating skills.

There aren’t many other brands that provide a return policy of 50 days, so that’s definitely something to get excited about. Given these considerations, Retrospec emerges as a strong contender in the market.

Retrospec Tidal Drop-Down Skateboard:

The Retrospec Tidal Drop-Down Longboard is a 41-inch handcrafted freestyle board. The deck is built from 9 layers of Canadian Maple wood. The deck’s high quality makes it suitable for riders of all skill levels.

The wider deck, at 9.5 inches, and the longer length, at 41 inches, help you maintain your balance. This Retrospec skateboard is unique due to its drop-down design, which indicates greater stability.

Only poor balance can hinder your performance while downhill and high-speed skateboarding. The retrospec tidal drop-down solves this issue with its pre-applied rough grip tape, allowing you to confidently ride over the transition.

Not only that, but it has sturdy 70 mm x 55 mm polyurethane wheels that can handle any surface without wearing them out. Extreme riding conditions won’t affect the responsiveness or stability of these wheels because of their high rebound bushings.

Wheels are made even more sturdy by the use of ABEC-7 precision stainless steel bearings. They make it so the wheels can turn without causing any discomfort or jerkiness. This skateboard has 180mm smooth backward kingpin trucks connecting the wheels to the deck, making it strong enough to support up to 220 pounds.

Design-wise, it’s quite trendy.Improvements in bearing quality are highly preferable.
The item is sturdy and long-lasting. 
Highly reliable. 
Highly recommended for both novice and experienced riders. 
Possesses excellent mobility. 
Design-wise, it’s quite trendy. 

Retrospec Skateboard Deck:

The deck of the Retrospec skateboard is crafted from the highest quality wood available, such as bamboo wood or maple wood from Canada. The width of the skateboard deck can be quite large because it is designed to give you the room you have to swap your feet as you cruise along or as you perform one of your favorite tricks at a skate park in your area.

If you did not already know, the deck is one of the most important parts of a skateboard. In fact, it is what determines the durability of a skateboard, that’s why Retrospec skateboards has purchased Canadian maple wood and bamboo wood. If you are interested in purchasing a skateboard, check out our selection of skateboards here.

And you can rest assured that Retrospec skateboards will always have your back when it comes to the strength and durability of their skateboard decks, as they strive to make sure that their products are the best available in the market.

Retrospec Skateboard Wheels:

The wheels on your skateboard serve a much more practical purpose than simply improving the board’s aesthetics. One of the most crucial components of a skateboard, they decide how fast you can travel and how technically challenging your ride will be when riding on a variety of surfaces.

Skateboards of various sizes can be purchased from Retrospec. For instance, their skateboards feature certain larger wheels that are ideal for a more comfortable ride, especially on unpaved surfaces. In addition to the larger wheels, they also include tiny wheels that come in help while doing tricks or making a tight turn. The only drawback to riding on a shorter wheel is that it does not allow for fast speeds or intense competition.

A wheel size of more than 53 millimeters is recommended if you’re the type of skater who uses their board as a primary mode of transportation. Skateboarding is considerably more pleasurable if you use wheels that are softer and have the correct grip.

Retrospec Skateboard Bearings:

ABEC-7 high-speed carbon bearings are typically used in the production of retrospec skateboards. These bearings are known for their precision and low weight. Because of this, the Retrospec skateboard is the best option for the majority of skate racers, particularly due to the fact that it has a lightweight body and adjustable sections.

Retrospec Skateboard Trucks:

There is nothing that better characterizes your skateboarding than a skateboard that has been thoughtfully designed. Retrospec skateboard trucks are often well-rounded so that they can be used for a variety of purposes. In point of fact, Retrospec skateboard trucks are lightweight products that have been synonymous with durability and reliability.

Their technological expertise and brand name awareness in the market make them stand out from the competition. You can find a variety of the finest skateboard trucks everywhere, and Retrospec has been creating a lot of them. These trucks will perform well and provide you with excellent services even in the most difficult skating situations.

RETROSPEC ZED LONGBOARD: Our newest kind of longboard pays homage to the improvised backyard longboards that were popular in the 1950s with their traditional surfboard shape and feel. ZED not only moves us from point A to point B, but it also takes us back to a time when there was sun, waves, salty air, breezy days, and dewy nights, as well as hits from the past that were heavily reverberated.

TECHNOLOGY TO PREVENT BITES: Wheel bites should be avoided at all costs. Put it to the very back of your mind, in point of fact. Because we prioritized simplicity of ride, we designed the vehicle with tire wells that eliminate grip. Rock finishes on durable 70x51mm PU wheels rated 85A in size.

Precision ball bearings with an ABEC-7 tolerance grade are perfect for high speed and extreme running accuracy and are capable of handling all of your adventure’s precision ball bearings with ABEC-7 tolerance grade are ideal for high speed.

SLICK & GRIP: Improve the quality of your ride with wheels made of polyurethane that measure 70 millimeters in diameter and have a rock finish for increased traction.

STABLE BUILD: ZED’s deck structure features an unparalleled mix of strength and pliability in the shape of a 44-inch artisan longboard crafted from 8-ply Canadian maple and bamboo that was procured in an environmentally responsible manner.

You won’t have to spend any time putting it together because it arrives completely put together and is ready to use. So, in answer to the common question Is Retrospec a Good longboard Brand? We can say that yes, retrospec skateboard is one of the good quality skateboard/longboard brands.

Solid wooden construction adds even more durability.Skating tricks have the potential to cause them to wear off quickly.
Quick and capable of great speeds, it can get there quickly. 
Include good-quality hardware. 

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through skateboards

Incredible designs are combined with long-lasting quality in this product, making it one of the most cost-effective options available on the market today. In point of fact, the Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Skateboards are rumored to be able to bridge the price gap that is typically found between professional-grade skateboards that can be fairly pricey and other quality skateboards that can be purchased for a low cost. 


What is a good brand of skateboard?

Girl, Zero, Retrospec, Baker, Deathwish, and enjoi are some of the skateboard brands that are considered to be the most popular among professional skateboarders. These companies are well-respected in the skateboarding community for the superior quality of their decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Is Rocket a good skate brand?

It’s a nice quality board with a good concave, and I appreciate the trucks, but the bearings are pretty terrible, so the wheels hardly spin at all. However, purchasing new wheels and bearings does not require an excessive amount of money, and the price is reasonable even for only purchasing a deck, grip tape, and trucks.

Is Jaspo skateboard good?

This skateboard has a two-pillar construction and round edges, making it possible to perform a broad variety of tricks while maintaining easy grip control. It is thick, long-lasting, and lightweight.

It has a height of 4 inches and fiber trucks with a width of 8 inches that have polyurethane-injected bushings so that it can handle more weight and travel at a higher pace. The Jaspo skateboard is an excellent choice for use on rinks and highways alike.

They have a superb lace system, which makes them not only adjustable but also breathable, attractive, and long-lasting. These roller skates are constructed out of high-quality fiber, which not only ensures maximum comfort but also makes movement quick and simple.

What bearings does Retrospec use?

Retrospec uses Lightweight ABEC-7 high-speed carbon bearings,ABEC 7 Bearings ratings are consistently regarded as some of the best in the skating business. These bearings come in a size that is standard in the industry. The ABEC 7 bearings have a size of 608, an 8-millimeter core, a 22-millimeter outer diameter, and a 7-millimeter breadth. Because these bearings arrive pre-lubricated, the installation process for the customers is simplified significantly.

How good are Retrospec Longboards?

According to our analysis of every single Retrospec longboard now available on the market, Retrospec Longboard provides exceptional performance for both novice and experienced riders alike. Due to this factor, it is one of the skateboards that have the greatest level of popularity in 2021 amongst the younger group of young riders.


According to Jose Lewis, who has been skating for more than 20 years and coaches at a club that offers skateboarding and skate shoe lessons. She skated professionally for ten years before transitioning into a role as a coach over the course of the last five years, retrospec skateboard is one of the good skateboard brands.

The narrative was brought to a conclusion by asking a straightforward question first, along the lines of “Is Retrospec a good skateboard brand?” It should go without saying that Retrospec is an excellent board manufacturer. They place a premium on the skateboard’s silent operation and high build quality as two of its most significant characteristics.

Your opinion will determine whether or not it is of high quality. Since each person has a signature move, and not every board can perfectly match that move, it follows that everybody has a signature move, which provesretrospec is a good longboard/skateboard brand.